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we are a Gweru based Funeral Services Company. we have started our expansion drive, necessitating vacancy openings. your assistance in advertising will enable us to employ the right persons
corner RG Mugabe & 7th street Gweru
 Expiry Date 31 Jul 2022
 Posted on 26 Jul 2022
The candidate should be very diligent and meticulous with data, and databases. Someone fast with data processing and maintenance a ...
 Expiry Date 10 Jul 2022
 Posted on 05 Jul 2022
The Digital Marketer shall report to the Managing Director Formulate the overall digital marketing strategy for Relievers Group of companies. ...
 Expiry Date 10 Jul 2022
 Posted on 27 Jun 2022
Doing the overall marketing for the company. Ensuring product visibility Market growth
 Expiry Date 10 May 2022
 Posted on 06 May 2022
Doing day to day and Sales of Funeral Policies
 Expiry Date 24 Apr 2022
 Posted on 20 Apr 2022
Daily managing Office and Diary of the MD
 Expiry Date 22 Apr 2022
 Posted on 22 Mar 2022
Run efficiently a production line Manage the costs, material requirements,, budgets related to production
 Expiry Date 21 Apr 2022
 Posted on 22 Mar 2022
1.Manage the existing Client database. grow and retain our clients 2. ensure personalized relations and interactions with clients
 Expiry Date 21 Apr 2022
 Posted on 14 Apr 2022
Preparing of Group and company financials
 Expiry Date 01 Apr 2022
 Posted on 29 Mar 2022
Administrating the Security Division of the Organization
 Expiry Date 24 Mar 2022
 Posted on 22 Mar 2022
Marketing and Selling of Funeral Policies, Plans and Funeral Services.