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Job Summary

We are looking to hire a talented Screen Printer with an eye for detail to oversee our company’s Screen Printing process. As a lead Screen Printer, you will be responsible for creating the printing design pattern, mixing the correct ink colors, loading the screen onto the printer, producing the final printed articles, and cleaning the machine after each batch. You may also be required to dry and fold the final printed articles before they are packaged and sent to the customer.
To ensure success as a Screen Printer, you should exhibit advanced artistic skills, be able to stand for long hours, be comfortable with manual labor, and have excellent hand-eye coordination. Ultimately, a top-level Screen Printer can create beautifully designed articles that fully meet the customer's specifications.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Receiving work order jobs for Screen Printing.
• Examining work orders to determine estimated printing times, ink, and material quantities.
• Designing screen patterns according to customer specification.
• Selecting screen size, degreasing agents and emulsion coatings.
• Loading screen into printer.
• Installing and repositioning screen printing plates and pressure roles.
• Calibrating printer before batch is printed.
• Running prints and performing quality checks throughout the printing process.
• Troubleshooting problems as they arise.
• Drying, folding, and packing completed articles after the run.

Qualifications and Experience

• High school diploma.
• Previous work experience as a Screen Printer.
• Excellent hand-eye coordination.
• High level of creative and artistic skills.
• Ability to stand for long periods.
• Ability to work with ink and chemicals every day.
• Ability to manually operate large machinery.
• Ability to work alone for long shifts.
• Ability to work nights if required.

How to Apply

Email CVs to

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Dominion Industrial Supplies Africa is an organization which supplies safety clothing and protective clothing.

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