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Technical Manager – Dyeing

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Job Description

Location : Botswana

Purpose of the job: To offer pertinent technical support in dyeing and its processes independently. To manage the day to day production and plant maintenance of the Dye house department and ensure the smooth running of the dye house department and also to develop recipes for all shades to dye the material to the required specifications that satisfies our customer`s requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for:
1. To manage Padding, dyeing and finishing of fabric and yarn, hydro extraction of fabric and yarn and Stentering sections.
2. To manage the laboratory.
3. To develop and standardize recipes.
4. To promote quality of work within the department.
5. To make sure that written procedures and instructions are being followed.
6. To take disciplinary actions as and when necessary.
7. To motivate subordinates.
8. To aim at maintaining high productivity and efficiency at lowest possible costs.
9. To ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of machinery.
10. To promote health and safety measures within the department.
11. To develop teamwork with other departments.

Qualifications and Experience

Job Requirements:
• Degree or Diploma in Wet processing/ Textile Technology or its equivalent
• With atleast 5-10 years of experience in the Dyeing processes using VAT and reactive dyes.
• Good knowledge of Vat and reactive dyes
• Must be able to plan maintenance schedules, departmental budgets and inventory control must be able to train staff

How to Apply

Qualified Candidates submit your cvs to or